Les Frères Dutruy

Two domains, several vine parcels,
the best sun expositions: tied together by Lake Geneva

Our Vineyards

La Côte and Lavaux: two renowned wine regions that make it possible for Frères Dutruy to create a rich palette of 24 [ailleurs : 25] wines. The wines from the La Côte domains include single varieties and blends from carefully selected vines. Lavaux, on the other hand, is a domain in this birthplace of Chasselas that the brothers dreamed of finding for several years, and it is devoted entirely to this grape. The wines are from the Epesses and Dézaley appellation areas.


On the shores of Lake Geneva, the Dutruy Brothers vineyards are located in the Terre-Sainte region, to the west of the canton of Vaud.


The Dutruy Brothers discovered during their training 25 years ago the vertiginous beauty of the terraces of Lavaux.